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Firstly a little bit about myself, my name is Jay and my location is Southampton, Hampshire. For many years I have owned several British classics bikes and as we all know very few old bikes come trouble free. Some years ago I sold them all a went abroad for a spell and on my return a couple of years ago I wanted to get back on the classic bike scene again and as I have always liked Royal Enfields I made the decision to purchase a Indian Enfield in the knowledge that they are easy to maintain and spares are easily available. I purchased my bike from Forest Classics and it's a 2003 Bullet 350cc and I'm over the moon to be back in the saddle on the English country roads admiring the views once again.


As well as a Royal Enfield, I also own a 1967 Morris Minor 4 door Salloon and a 1963 Morris Minor pickup.

Motorola i850

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