New Forest Run 2007
The proposed date I now have in mind is Fri - Sun 29th June - 1st July Venue would be Sandy Balls A nice site ideal for those wishing to bring wife's and children, bar, indoor pool, shop, showers etc, not as big as last years venue in Selsey but never the less ideally situated in the New Forest and good tenting facilities.
Day 1 Fri: meet in bar for a few beers
Day 2 Sat: ride out to Forest Classics to meet Kev & Jenny for a coffee and look and their collection Then ride onto Beaulieu Motor Museum :NOTE allow a few hours here, ride back to campsite taking in areas such as Lyndhurst etc. Eve: meet in bar for a few more beers.
Day 3 Sun: take a ride out to Sammy Millers Museum a must for all classic bike lovers, back to campsite, pack up and say our goodbyes before I take these plans any further I would need at least 6 other bikes to make it all worthwhile so please email me (ASAP) if you are interested in coming, once I have enough interest I will then get the ball rolling and keep you all informed. I'm hoping my good friend Bert Washington is going to help me with this as he was a great help and asset at last years event. Again my wife M will be attending only this time she may come out on the runs with us bad sadly not on a bike, she make follow on in our Minor. As per last year this event is open to all bikes (classics preferred)

If you are interested in coming please email me.

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